Kocic Kokoro Dojo


Here at Kocic Kokoro Dojo, we provide Shinkyokushin Karate classes instructed by a 2-time National Champion, both a National and International Competitor and World Tournament Representative with over 15 years experience.

Sensei Alexander Kocic

With over 15 years of karate experience and a 2nd degree black belt to show his hard work and dedication to the art, Alex Kocic has trained in a variety of traditional and modern styles including: non-contact fighting, kata, and full contact knockout fighting.

Alex’s success includes two national championship titles in 2010 and 2011. He has competed at State, National and International levels including the World Championships in 2010. Most recently in July 2017, Alex represented Australia in the World Cup in Kazakhstan.

Kokoro Dojo was established in 2012. A combination of Alex’s experience, knowledge and passion for karate has shone through in his lessons, allowing his students to learn this timeless art with skill, respect and true Shinkyokushin spirit.



“Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill, and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.”
— Muhammad Ali

About Shinkyokushin

Shinkyokushin Karate is a Japanese full contact style martial art. Shinkyokushinkai Karate traces its original roots to Kyokushin Karate and its founder Sosai Mas Oyama to our current Kaicho Kenji Midori Shihan (who was the last World Champion prior to splitting of Kyokushin in to its many different factions we have today after Sosai Oyama’s death). The Shin prefix means new, the translation simply means “New Kyokushin” and while we have kept true to the Kyokushin values and training format of keeping the Budo system and the knockdown format in place we are constantly striving to improve the quality of our training both locally and Internationally.

The fact that we are a Not For Profit International Organisation with over 76 member countries attests to the popularity and success Shinkyokushinkai has attained around the Globe.Our Symbol represents the relationship and melding of the Mind, Skill and Body through diligent training and exploration of ourselves in the search for personal development leading to a deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

There is no age barrier when it comes to Shinkyokshin, anyone can train from 6 years old. Shinkyokushin is perfect for everyone; kids, teenager and adults both male and female, and there is no need for previous knowledge of the art at all.

Shinkyokushin Karate can provide for you:
– self defence
– general fitness
– discipline and respect
– self confidence
– motivation
– help get in shape